Megan L

May 2017


I just wanted to email to say how much I am loving your gel polishes being a nail tech in training it's amazing to find such high quality polishes for such reasonable prices I have also recommended you to a lot of my class friends! Can't wait to order some more of the gel polish!



Emma K (Sweden)

February 2017

Hello again!

So I've had the products for a week now and I'm in love!! Just placed another order haha... couldn't resist!
Anyway, the reason I'm writing is to let you know that I think you have one of the best, if not the best, customer services I've ever come across and I just wanted to say a big thank you for being so helpful! :)

I hope you have a wonderful day and a great week!

Kind regards,

Emma :)



Samantha ThompsonSamantha Thompson

May 2016

I was recently sent a one step gel polish from GellifiQue to test and review and I was really excited to give it a try as I've never tried a one step gel before. Here's how I got on.

I was given a choice of 3 colours to choose from, so I chose this gorgeous bright coral shade as I knew it would be perfect for the sunny days we've been having recently. This shade doesn't have a name but it is number 6047 if you like the look of it and want to try it for yourself.

The idea behind the one step gel is that you don't need to use a top or base coat, so it cuts down application time and saves messing around with separate products. The swatches above show 3 very thin coats of polish, but on reflection I wish I had done 2 thicker ones as that would have worked just as well. The gel is very easy to work with and the brush is quite wide so covers the nail really easily.

The curing time for these is one minute per layer for an LED lamp, or two minutes for a UV lamp so it really doesn't take long at all to get a perfect mani.

As you can see, the gel is very glossy even without the top coat which really impressed me. I expected it to be quite dull so that was a nice surprise. It also stayed glossy for the whole time I was wearing it.

Now onto the important bit...wear time. These have a recommended wear time of 5-10 days, and on day 5 I got the chip on my index finger shown above. This nail is my most curved nail and is always the first to chip on the corner, so I wasn't surprised about this going first. As you can see, all of the other nails are perfect. I removed the gels on my left hand as the chip was catching and lifting, but I left them on my right hand until day 8 and they were still practically perfect. No lifting and certainly no sign of dulling, so I would agree that 5-10 days is an accurate wear time.

In terms of removal, I found these really easy to get off. I soaked them in acetone covered cotton wool in tin foil for 15 minutes, and the gel flaked off leaving no damage to my natural nail. I cannot stress enough the importance of correct removal of gels. It really is worth the time to remove them properly otherwise you will do more damage than good.

I was quite skeptical about a one step gel system but I am so impressed by how easy it is and the end result, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this brand to all of my readers to try.

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Sarah R

May 2016

So, I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of the new One Step Gel Polish by GellifiQue®

GellifiQue® gel nail polish is patented and registered in the UK. It has over 650 colours in palette and more are added quarterly. This vast colour range allows the customer to select the shades most appropriate for their business whether it is a salon or a mobile nail service. The designed colours are high tech and their easy removal technology is to match that of those brands that are already present in the market.

I was able to choose a colour, so went for #6033 Tropicana! It’s a creme formulation and is a gorgeous coral shade. Perfect for summer!

The bottles are a good size (12ml) and you can see the actual colour through the window at the front of the bottle. The directions, I was sent, state that the bottle contents must be mixed/shaken before use. The consistency is extremely creamy and highly pigmented.

So, I did my normal prep work and, of course, there is no base coat step. I applied a thin layer – the application was super creamy and didn’t run or shrink. Directions stated the first thin layer should be cured for 2 minutes in a UV lamp, or 1 minute in an LED. I was using my CND LED lamp.

Second coat was applied in exactly the same manner, and this gave me full coverage. Curing times for the second layer states 3-4 minutes in a UV and 2 minutes in an LED.

After I’d cured the second colour coat in my LED, the results were a cured set of nails with no dispersion layer – and also no top coat!

The finish was extremely glossy & shiny, and the whole process was super fast and fuss free! The colour is absolutely gorgeous! I looked at the website and the prices are fantastic too!

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