The GellifiQue® Bit

Foremost GellifiQue® soak off gel polish is a professional formula developed for salons. We have been in the market for a while now supplying our raw materials to many brands until we have finally decided to go into retail as well as continue on with our private label manufacturing.

The aim was to provide a professional grade product to nail technicians word wide looking for quality results and affordable prices. The company is registered in the UK and our trademark is registered and patented. We strive to provide quality professional goods at affordable prices our manufacturing plant and storage facility are based abroad.

GellifiQue® has hundreds of gorgeous hues in every shade imaginable. Our colour palette is divided into colour collections based on various colour groups.

Our Formula

Our formula is an easy glide on UV/LED gel polish used in combination with UV/LED lamp. We have tested our range with top and base coats of other brands and there appear to be no issues in the application. In two years in the UK market, only one customer reported uneven application in combination with IBD gel polish base. We have not come across this issue while testing. If you have come across any issue with application of GellifiQue® gel polish with other brands please let us know by writing to us at

With correct application and removal, our colours are easy to use and will not damage the nail surface. ** Please note correct removal is essential.

The formula is perfect for both artificial and natural nails, we have generated great results in wearability and application on builder get polish as well as acrylic nail extensions.

Production and Storage

Our products are made in China under strict quality control and our range is MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) approved. Our main warehouse is also in China as it allows us to use our personal delivery line word wide both for retail and wholesale purposes.


We offer a range of delivery options for our global customers depending on the size of their order and their place of residence. We have 2 private shipping lines which offer Free Delivery

  • UK on orders over £15

  • USA on orders over 100 units

  • Russia on orders over 50 units

To find more detailed information please see our delivery section.

Returns & Refunds

UK customers are able to return items to our office in Edinburgh, Scotland in their original condition. We will issue a refund upon receipt.

In the case of any product issues EU, Russia and USA customers are generally offered a free replacement with their next order as to avoid any delivery charges for the customers benefit. Immediate refunds are also offered on broken items. Complaints are dealt with on a case by case manner.

Customer Service

You are able to get in touch with us through our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram as well contacting us directly through our website.

All of our customers are valued and our staff works hard to provide good customer service. We normally respond with 24 hours and welcome suggestions, notes and feedback on aspects of quality, delivery and product ideas.

Please note rude behaviour and insults will not be tolerated.